Werc doesn't work

So I downloaded werc, hoping to make use of it. The biggest problem appeared to be not wanting it to use the entire domain. That is, I wanted it controlling just everything under /blog. Unfortunately, that turned out to be non-trivial, so then I created a blog subdomain and hoped that would do the trick. Yet adding a simple index.md file did not produce any of its expected output when going to that domain. To determine why, I made sure to have fcgiwrap return STDERR to the fastcgi process so that any errors would end up in the webserver logs. Bingo: a file to convert markdown to html was presumably not found (md2html.awk). But it did exist, and it looked like other scripts in the same directory loaded fine (the perl equivalent, for instance). I noticed the shebang used /bin/awk—and there was the rub. /bin/awk does not exist, only /usr/bin/awk. Updating the shebang made the hello world example work.

Also the software does not appear to be entirely setup for hosting entirely over https:// without a hiccup, but I have to do more testing to confirm.