9front mbpro screen blanking

From one of my previous posts, I mentioned that screen blanking wasn't working, and that setting monitor to 'vga' was the way to go instead of using 'vesa'. After reviewing the code, I was able to get screen blanking working. Huzzah.

There was a bit of indirection going on with aux/vga. If I ran 'aux/vga -p', as the man page suggested to see what valid modes were, the type would be set to 'igfx'. However, if I did cat '#v'/vgactl' right at boot, the type would be cga. I could do two things--run aux/vga indirectly, which would set the type to 'igfx', or I could manually run the commands to set the type to igfx and then drawinit:

echo -n type igfx >'#v'/vgactl
echo -n drawint >'#v'/vgactl
echo -n hwblank on >'#v'/vgactl

Those commands would then setup the monitor properly for screen blanking. I set those in my machine's /cfg cpurc file so that they will always run at boot.